My Debut Performance For Avant Garde & Studio Spaces – Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Matthew Dekay, Fideles

I always get butterflies in my stomach before a performance creating that sense of excitement, nervousness and anticipation. I always want to deliver the best possible set for every performance for 2 main reasons – firstly (and most importantly), people have chosen to be in that particular venue, that particular room, at that particular time. I am always so grateful for their wanting to spend their time with me and I feel they deserve the best experience possible. Secondly (and still very important) is that I treat every set as an audition…obviously for the promoters who have booked you, but you also really never know who could be in the crowd that could lead to future opportunities.

However the butterflies before the Avant Garde show in October at Studio Spaces was something completely different. AG is a brand that I’ve both loved and respected for a long time. Their lineups are consistently filled with incredible talents and the music is always cutting edge with artists being treated to longer sets; it was a real honour to be invited to play for them. On top of this, Studio Spaces is such a highly revered venue having played host to many of the world’s top artists and working with only the highest of quality promoters in the game.

Studio Spaces.jpeg

This event where Kollektiv Turmstrasse headlined, was absolutely rammed from early doors. I DJ’d in The Black Gallery which was the second room holding around 700+ people – rising star Yacine Dessouki opened the room that set the mood perfectly for Matthew Dekay’s 3.5 hour journey of a performance. It was another honour to take over the controls from such a highly respected electronic artist, and he was also a top bloke too.

With a brand such as AG I truly felt I had the full freedom to take my set anywhere I wanted musically and this was a special feeling. Over the 90 minutes I was on the decks, I experienced an atmosphere like I never have before. The crowd’s energy was incredible, fully engaging with the musical journey and so so so up for it. The connection I felt with the room-filled crowd was amazing, and I would like to thank each and every person on the dance floor for making it so special. When I played my last track just after 6am it was still full to the brim of people who were still so keen for more…as people chanted and cheered…a DJ’s dream. I would happily have played on until I had no energy left 🙂


To Avant Garde, Studio Spaces, and all the people who came to this epic party, I want to say a big thank you. That was a monumental show you put on and I’m so happy to have been a part of it. I hope to be back soon.